Did Oregon Attorney Brenna Tanzosh commit legal Malfeasance?

In a case recently litigated, opposing counsel Oregon Attorney Brenna Tanzosh pursued a course of legal action with objectively no chance of success resulting in the massive financial, emotional, and legal detriment of her own client. One possible course of analysis is to ask, when does foolhardy optimism combined with zealous advocacy mix in such.. read more →

14 Dec 2016
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What happens after you file a patent application?

A client of mine recently received their first USPTO action responsive to a patent application that we filed about two years ago. She asked how much it costs to continue with the patent application. I see Office Actions from the USPTO every day, but I realize, that for individual inventors and small businesses, an Office.. read more →

23 Aug 2013
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NSA job listing for “Patent Attorney”

Today my Linked-In news feed flashed up “Jobs you may be interested in” and the first one on the list was this NSA job posting for a “Patent Attorney.” [[Edit: Aug. 05, 2013 – The job posting has expired and is no longer available for viewing. -SKH]] I find this quite curious. Consider that the.. read more →

13 Jul 2013
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What is a provisional application?

In the United States, the USPTO permits patent Applicants to submit an informal provisional application  which serves as a place holder application for a period of one year until the Applicant converts  or replaces the provisional application with a formally prepared and filed non-provisional utility patent application. I generally advise clients not  to file provisional applications absent.. read more →

06 Jul 2013
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Who is an inventor?

A small client asked me this morning: “Who needs to be listed on the patent?” It occurs to me that I am asked this question all the time. The answer is surprisingly simple. All inventors must be named on a United States application for patent. Who is an inventor then? An inventor is any party who.. read more →

02 Jul 2013
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